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How will gold affect the Diablo 3 economy.

27. Nov 2012 09:00, safed3gold

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Among the many things that distinguish Diablo 3 from Diablo 2 is the close relationship between the two economies that are an integral part of the game. As any diehard fan would know that the game features two types of economies; one that is governed by gold and the other that is based on different items that the players might need during the course of the game. The gold-based economy is primarily for getting services and items from the Npcs. 
The economy in gold is unbalance at the moment due to gold farmers but this is hopefully being fixed and has to be done to ensure that gold is not abused, as it was the case in the 2nd one. Balancing the economy in this installment will be achieved by making it scarce and ensuring that it is used for the creation of essential items. The scarcity of gold is also achieved through its use in upgrading. 
Inflation has been in previous installments of the game. The increase of gold is what precipitates inflation in most video games. This is because as players learn through experience, they gain more gold. Of course, inflation is not a bad thing. It only needs to be controlled. The developers have come up with adequate tools to ensure that inflation does not over inflate. 
The economy is designed to be resilient and flexible, developers having learnt their lesson in the last installment. The team that has been putting together this game is concerned with the issue of gold being a strong game resource. Monsters are not going to be dropping big piles of gold. Most items sell for less than in other installments. Also players can breakdown unwanted items with the salvage cube. 
The developers have ensured that crafting materials are going to be more desirable than gold. Gold sinks are to ensure that gamers have something to spend their gold on. Gambling always has a perpetual use for gold, the odds of obtaining something worthy through gambling have been increased. This is unlike in Diablo 2, which saw a limited chance of obtaining good items through gambling. 
Some for the gold sinks that you are going to encounter in this version of the game include item repairs, artisan training, item socketing, item upgrading artisan upgrading, item chanting among others. Gold sinks are also possible through trading in the auction house. 
Of course there are many unknowns in item economy. Information on the scarcity of crucial items is still scanty. Items are going to be removed from the economy through salvaging. It is impossible to predict how such modifications are going to affect the game. The difficulty of acquiring Diablo 3 gold can be judged by the fact that when a character kills a monster, the amount of gold received is not as large as it was before. Moreover, selling off items does not yield as much return, which may take a little getting used to for fans of Diablo 2, but it is a change made to keep golds relevance intact. 
The previous games economy was ruined by hacking and duping. Some of the most valuable items were disseminated and widely duplicated. Legitimate items had their value wrecked. Hackers were able to create better items. The developers of Diablo 3 post that it is going to be impossible to hack or dupe in this version of the game. The word out is that Diablo 3 is going to be cheat proof. 
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